Undergraduate Studies

Bachelor Programmes

1Bachelor of Qiraat Studies with HonoursFaculty of Quranic and Sunnah Studies
2Bachelor of Quranic and Sunnah Studies with Honours
3Bachelor of Quranic Studies with Multimedia with Honours
4Bachelor of Sunnah Studies with Information Management with Honours
5Bachelor in New Media Communications with HonoursFaculty of Leadership and Management
6Bachelor of Akidah and Religion Studies with Honours
7Bachelor of Communication with Honours
8Bachelor of Counselling with Honours
9Bachelor of Da'wah and Islamic Management with Honours
10Bachelor of Management with Tourism (Honours)  New
11Bachelor of Management with Tourism (Honours) (Mode 3U1I)  New
12Bachelor of Fiqh and Fatwa with HonoursFaculty of Syariah and Law
13Bachelor of Laws and Shariah with Honours - (LLB and Shariah) (Hons.)
14Bachelor of Shariah (Halal Industry) with Honours
15Bachelor of Accounting with HonoursFaculty of Economics and Muamalat
16Bachelor of Corporate Administration with Honours
17Bachelor of Islamic Banking and Finance with Honours
18Bachelor of Marketing (Financial Services) with Honours
19Bachelor of Muamalat Administrations with Honours
20Bachelor of Computer Science with Honours (Information Security and Assurance)Faculty of Science and Technology
21* Bachelor of Health Industry Technology with Honours  New
22Bachelor of Science with Honours (Actuarial Science and Risk Management)
23Bachelor of Science with Honours (Applied Physics)
24Bachelor of Science with Honours (Financial Mathematics)
25Bachelor of Science with Honours (Food Biotechnology)
26Bachelor of Science with Honours (Industrial Chemical Technology)
27Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery (MBBS)Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences
28Bachelor of Arabic Language and Islamic Literature with HonoursFaculty of Major Language Studies
29Bachelor of Arabic Language with Communication (Honours)
30* Bachelor of Education (Islamic Education) with Honours
31Bachelor of English Language with Commerce (Honours)
32Bachelor of Dental Surgery (BDS)Faculty of Dentistry
33Bachelor of Electrical Engineering with HonoursFaculty of Engineering and Built Environment
34Bachelor of Electronic Engineering with Honours
35Bachelor of Science in Architecture with Honours

Programmes marked (*) are not available for international students